• Image of Blue Daisy Belt
  • Image of Blue Daisy Belt
  • Image of Blue Daisy Belt

Handcrafted by Susan Fleming of Jackson, Wyoming. Fleming is the founder of Workshop, her working studio and retail space featuring unique, handmade items.

These sweet daisies represent innocence and gentleness.

The belt buckle is Chiyogami paper set under a waterproof protective resin. Japanese Chiyogami were originally developed in the Edo period as woodblock prints and were used to brighten the interiors of farmhouses. They are hand silk screened, and Susan carefully extracts a scene from each ornate sheet of Chiyogami to create the belt buckle.

The belt is brown distressed leather, giving it a well-loved, vintage feel.

Available in three sizes:

Small: 30-32
Medium: 33-35
Large: 36-38